Looking for the perfect number plate for your tenth-generation Honda Civic? Then you’ll be pleased to know that the Road Transport Department (JPJ) has opened tenders for the FC number plate series, with biddings to close this Friday, April 19, according to the News Straits Times.

The introduction of the new series comes about a year after the previous FB series, as promised by the authority then. In a new development, buyers are now able to bid for their ideal number plates online via an e-bidding system, as part of a JPJ pilot programme.

“This [e-bidding for FC series] is a pioneer project [by JPJ] and the process ends on April 19 at 11:59 pm,” said transport minister Anthony Loke, adding that the official results for successful bidders will be announced at noon the next day.

Perusing the website, it appears that there are four types of numbers – running, “popular” (double-digit, certain triple-digit numbers), “attractive” (matching digits) and “golden” (single-digit numbers) – with bids to start at RM300, RM800, RM3,000 and RM20,000 respectively.