We’ve heard a lot about the future of Mercedes-AMG in recent weeks, whether it’s electrification or the use of all-wheel drive across the lineup. Those words have come straight from AMG boss Tobias Moers, and at the recent New York International Auto Show (NYIAS), the man in charge at Affalterbach has provided more details on the electric side of things.

According to Motor Authority, Moers is talking specifically about electric turbochargers, which will apparently come to next-generation AMG models. The application will differ slightly from the one used in the company’s 53-series models, which uses the engine’s mild hybrid system to drive the turbine, reducing turbo lag.

The more powerful variants will instead borrow technology from the AMG One hypercar, which itself has a power unit derived directly from Formula 1. That car uses an MGU-H (motor generator unit, heat) to scavenge heat energy from the exhaust, converting it into electric energy that can either be used to power the turbocharger or saved for later use.

Such a system can virtually eliminate turbo lag, according to F1 teams. “You’ll have 80 – eight-zero – kilowatts. You don’t need that 80 kilowatts for speeding up the turbocharger, but you can use for harvesting…harvesting energy,” Moers said.

While Moers did not elaborate which models will get the system first, he did say that mass-producing the technology has been in the pipeline for a while now, as one of the features that will trickle down from the AMG One. “We’re going to pick pieces…sure. [But] it’s a total different experience driving that car than everything else,” he said.