Geely’s invested subsidiary, ECARX, has unveiled the new E-Series chipset, which will power the latest version of the Geely Smart Ecosystem, otherwise known as GKUI 19. The Boyue Pro will be the first model to get both pieces of technology, with Geely promising an even greater array of features for its intelligent connectivity in-vehicle system.

The E-Series was developed together with fabless semiconductor company MediaTek, and is a system-on-chip (SoC) that consists of a 64-bit quad-core processor. The CPU works alongside a dedicated graphics processing unit (GPU), which is capable of pushing pixels to up to two 1080p displays. There’s also a 4G modem for data transmission to drive the connected features in GKUI 19.

ECARX refers to this chipset as the E01 SoC, and says it’s “China’s first independently developed custom vehicle 64-bit system-on-chip.” A more powerful version dubbed the E02 SoC will arrive later on in the first quarter of 2020, which will see an eight-core processor being used, with the addition of an independent neural processing unit (NPU).

Geely has previously expressed its intention to ensure all Geely models make the shift to 5G NR networks by 2021, and the E02 SoC is likely developed to support this effort. During last year’s Qualcomm 4G/5G Summit, the Chinese carmaker said the new standard will allow cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X or LTE-V2X) systems to have expanded functionality.

If all this sounds like smartphone talk, you’re not wrong. The beefier hardware is a necessity as GKUI 19 is touted with a lot more capabilities than its previous iteration. For starters, the GKUI cloud has been upgraded to an A! cloud, allowing the system to configure its “smart desktop” according to individual preferences.

Additionally, an all-round ID is now used instead of the One-ID so different application ecosystems from GKUI partners are supported. This also warrants a new developer platform so said partners can better integrate their apps within GKUI.

The smartphone-like features don’t end there, as GKUI 19 will also be able to connect seamlessly with smart devices from Xiaomi, Baidu, and other companies, giving users the ability to control their home or office appliances from their car. Mobility services are also addressed here, with GKUI 19-equipped vehicles can offer ridesharing services within the car through the Geely’s ridesharing partner, CaoCao Mobility’s platform.

As mentioned with the Boyue Pro, customers can also order an accompanying smartwatch that comes with built-in 4G connectivity, which allows for functions such as telephony, vehicle telematics, remote vehicle control (pre-conditioning and vehicle lock) and others.

Existing features already present in GKUI have also been enhanced in its latest version, with users in China having the choice of three mapping providers – Gaode (also known as AutoNavi Maps), Baidu Maps and Tencent Maps.

The audiovisual experience also gains a boost, as there now access to a much larger music library, with built-in karaoke support. News delivery also sounds a lot more natural thanks to the onboard AI, and you also get video playback capability via Tencent Video.

“Geely Auto is committed to being a user-oriented and innovative company. Our goal is to provide users with products with the latest technologies and offer them the ultimate user experience,” said An Conghui, president and CEO of Geely Auto Group.

“We are always exploring new applications for smart mobility and smart connectivity so that smart technologies can reach the consumers faster. ‘Intelligent Connectivity’ will become part of Geely’s DNA and a core strength in our products,” he added.