It has been a few days since full specifications of the new 2019 Mazda CX-5 were revealed, and we now have estimated pricing for the updated SUV. Buyers will get to choose from five locally-assembled (CKD) variants – 2.0 GL 2WD, 2.0 GLS 2WD, 2.5 GLS 2WD, 2.5 Turbo GLS AWD and 2.2D GLS 2WD – all of which are detailed here.

Before proceeding further, it’s important to list out the available exterior body finishes, as they do have an impact on pricing. There will be eight offerings here – Arctic White, Jet Black, Meteor Grey, Sonic Silver, Deep Crystal Blue, Soul Red Crystal, Machine Grey and Snowflake White Pearl – with the last three deemed as premium metallic colours.

The line-up starts with the 2.0 GL 2WD, which is expected to retail at RM134,721 if the Arctic White solid body colour is chosen, or RM138,500.20 for the other colours, with the exception of the premium options, which costs an additional RM3,000 (applicable for all variants). Included in the pricing is a five-year/100,000 km factory warranty and free maintenance package.

Next up, the 2.0 GLS 2WD goes for RM154,753.20, while the 2.5 GLS 2WD is priced at RM166,470.40. Meanwhile, the sole diesel option, which is the 2.2D 2WD GLS, is set at RM170,294.80. The range-topper in the new CX-5 line-up is the 2.5 Turbo GLS AWD, which has an estimated price tag of RM176,899.40.

A range of optional accessories is also offered here, including Skytint safety tint film for RM1,900, illuminated sill plates for RM310, navigation function for RM1,270, and leather seats (applicable for the base variant only) for RM2,900.

The closest competitor to the CX-5 is undoubtedly the Honda CR-V, which comes in four variants (the limited-edition Mugen version notwithstanding), priced from RM138,308 to RM163,191. There’s also the venerable Proton X70 that starts from RM99,800 and peaks at RM123,800. If you were in the market for a C-segment SUV, which of the three would you pick? Or is there something else on your mind?

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