Nissan has released a Note Nismo Black Limited Edition in Japan. This special edition is a cosmetic one and is applicable to the Note e-Power Nismo, Note e-Power Nismo S and Note Nismo S variants of the high-roofed five-door hatchback.

Nismo has already done its work on the Note, and this Black LE merely turns the visual heat up a notch. Add ons include a black roof, which flows into the black decal on the hood. Other black bits include the shark fin antenna, tailgate spoiler and wing mirror caps. Red accents can be found on the lower front bumper, side skirts and side mirrors.

The Note Nismo Black Limited Edition can only be had in two colours – pearl white and dark grey. This seasonal range topper includes options such as LED headlamps, active cruise control (except Note Nismo S) and navigation. Prices in Japan will start from 2,682,900 yen (RM104,743).

The Note e-Power is a hybrid that’s rather unique in concept. There’s a 79 PS/103 Nm 1.2 litre three-cylinder engine in the hood, which acts solely as a generator for the 109 PS/254 Nm electric motor. The ICE is not connected to the driven wheels, so none of its power actually reaches the ground.

Nissan says that the system provides the benefits of an electric motor – max torque from standstill, for instance – without the accompanying range anxiety. There’s no plug-in option.

The e-Power Nismo does not get more power, but there’s improved throttle response and regenerative braking from a specially tuned Vehicle Control Module. The Note e-Power Nismo S gets an uprated powertrain that raises output to 136 PS and 320 Nm. The non-hybrid Nismo S comes with a 1.6L NA engine with 140 PS and 163 Nm.

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