A shadowy figure has appeared on the Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia Facebook page, and it appears that a new Triton will be arriving on the Malaysian market tomorrow. Which variant of the Triton will it be, though?

This example seems to feature a considerably lower ride height than that of a typical Triton, which means one thing – the workhorse Quest variant. The latest iteration with the Dynamic Shield face has yet to debut and so this would be it, joining the range after the launch of the 2019 model at the beginning of this year.

The ‘contractor-spec’ Triton has previously done without the VGT engine of its more generously-equipped siblings, and so the latest Triton Quest should follow suit with a comparatively simpler engine instead of the 2.4 litre MIVEC with variable geometry turbo.

Similarly, the Triton Quest can be expected to leave out a lot of the equipment which marks out the higher-specced Triton variants in the range, though ABS, EBD and dual front airbags are par for the course. We will have to wait until tomorrow to see the exact specifications of the Triton Quest in the metal, though the workhorse nature of this variant will likely mean the most basic interior trim and headlamps without DRLs.

Workhorse models such as this Triton Quest are expected to live a hard life, one which owners of the top Adventure X variant are unlikely to subject their trucks to; the previous Triton Quest didn’t even come with a rear bumper. What about you? Do you have a need for a less delicately trimmed pick-up truck to do the heavy lifting with?

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