According to a posting on Proton’s official website, the X70 is set to be updated with a new N95 cabin filter, which will offer better filtration than the current dust and pollen filter used in the SUV.

The move is in line with Geely’s initiative announced in February this year, which saw the development of the G-Clean Intelligent Air Purification System (IAPS), a new system that is able to automatically filter out harmful particulates.

As a refresher, the IAPS system features an active carbon chemical filter that can effectively absorb harmful gases such as formaldehyde as it enters the vehicle, while filtering out bad odour and harmful pollutants.

The system also comes with a negative ion generator that is able to sterilise and deodorise the in-car air, including the removal of airborne viruses, bacteria, fungi and mould. Geely says that this is the same level of air filtration as an N95 respiration system, and has introduced the system in the Jiaji MPV.

The N95 cabin filter will be fitted as standard on new X70s, but will likely be offered as a retrofit item for both fully-imported (CBU) and locally-assembled (CKD) models, seeing how it is merely a filter swap. Exact details and pricing will be announced soon.