Multi-brand car subscription service Flux is offering new members a reduced subscription fee of only RM99 for the first month when they sign up during the Hari Raya Aidilfitri festive season. The promotion, which is available across its entire range of new and used vehicles, is valid until June 3.

To take advantage of the deal, users will need to sign up for a 24-month or 36 month plan with the Lite (1,250 km) or Standard (2,000 km) monthly mileage limit. They can head on over to the official website and create and account, then choose and reserve their car through the Browse Cars page – after which they will be billed only RM99 for the first month. You’ll still need to pay the start fee for whichever car you pick, however.

The company said its Raya Style and Savings promo makes it even cheaper to own a car for the first year through Subscribe to Own, touting savings of up to 36% compared to a regular hire purchase car loan.

“During these extraordinary circumstances we live in today, private mobility continues to play a critical role in helping people move from point A to B in a socially responsible manner,” said founder and CEO Aziz Ayman. “To that end Flux’s Raya Style and Savings with Flux aims to lower the barriers for car buyers to own the car they want during this festive season.”