Custom motorcycles cover a very wide range of definitions, not limited to the traditional metalworking techniques giving rise to a cookie cutter series of cruisers and bobbers carrying V-twin engines. Applying modern production techniques such as 3D printing and CAD/CAM design has given rise to the 2020 Fuller Moto 1929 custom motorcycle.

Taking inspiration from a French motorcycle of the 1920s, the 1929 Majestic, the Fuller Moto 1929 follows a streamlined, Art Deco style that embodies an era of stylised design and curving shapes. Built to debut at the Handbuilt Show in November, 2020, the 1929 is a one-off custom motorcycle commissioned by the Haas Collection in Dallas, Texas.

The basis of the 1929 is a Zero Motorcycles FXS electric bike, with a peak power delivery of 20 kW and peak torque of 106 Nm. Fuller Moto faced issues during the build of 1929, with the FXS’ battery pack being too tall, so the location of the batteries and motor was flipped, giving the 1929 its sleek shape.

Clad in 3003 aluminium, the 1929 features hub-centre steering, taken off a Bimota Tesi. Tying things together are components and parts made from 3D-printed titanium, allowing the 1929 to have an organic, grown from metal look like the bio-mechanical designs of H R Giger.

The front swingarm is a 3D-printed piece, as is the handlebars. Designed by Bryan Heidt, lead metal fabricator at Fuller Moto, movie concept artist Nick Pugh, who had previously worked on Star Wars, an Oerlikon 3D-printer was used to fabricate the components.

Of note are the 23-inch wheels, which feature transparent polycarbonate discs to connect wheel rims to the hubs. Bobby Haas, owner of the Haas Moto Museum and Sculpture Gallery, says, “We know we are doing something that has never been done before. There is no actual blueprint. We are not doing a production cycle. We are doing a piece of work that is rolling art. It is unique.”