The introduction of the C118 CLA-Class in the country earlier today in the form of the Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 S 4Matic+ provides a good indicator of the marketing direction Mercedes-Benz Malaysia (MBM) is taking with regards to its compact car range, and where the four-door coupe resides in the current scheme of things.

While it hasn’t been stated outright, the debut of the second-gen CLA in solitary AMG form means that the civilian iteration isn’t likely to be coming our way, unlike before when the previous-gen C117 went on sale here in both standard and AMG forms during its initial introduction in 2014 and subsequent 2016 facelift.

Given that the new CLA was revealed in January last year, you’d have expected it to be here by now, or at least introduced at this point alongside the AMG version of the type, as it was previously. That it hasn’t means that it won’t, not surprising given that the company already has the V177 A-Class Sedan doing battle in the segment, as previously mentioned.

This line of thought was further cemented by the answer provided by MBM’s head of sales and marketing Michael Jopp to a related question posed during the online launch of the W177 A 45 S and A 35 hatchbacks and CLA 45 S earlier today. “Currently we are focused on the CLA 45 and typically, we don’t talk about future plans,” Jopp said in reply to a question if there would be more CLA models down the line.

It would seem that the company is taking a more measured approach in demarcating its line-up, what with its compact car line-up expected to expand in the coming future – we do know that the X247 GLB seven-seat SUV is coming to Malaysia sometime this year, and although not indicated, we expect that the H247 GLA is also in the pipeline for introduction here. So, if it’s a compact Mercedes four-door you’re looking at, the A-Class Sedan looks to be the only pick.

GALLERY: C118 Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class