Distributor for Nissan vehicles in Malaysia, Edaran Tan Chong Motor has released its revised price list to reflect the sales tax exemption for cars by the Malaysian government announced by prime minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin on June 5. This is in line with the government’s Penjana economic stimulus plan to revitalise the automotive sector in the country.

First off, the Almera 1.5L E AT gets a reduction of RM4,189 or a decrease of 5.99% for a new sales tax-exempted price of RM65,699. The 1.5L VL AT gets a reduction of RM4,469 or a drop of 5.59% from the SST exemption to RM75,419, while the 1.5L E AT Black Series variant gets a RM4,189 drop to RM74,199, or a reduction of 5.34% after the SST exemption.

For the Serena S-Hybrid 2.0L Highway Star, the original RM132,888 price gets an SST exemption of RM5,364 or 4.04%, for an SST-exempted price of RM127,524.

Nissan 2020 SST exemption price list. Click to enlarge

Meanwhile, the 2.0L Premium Highway Star with Black Package gets reduced to RM137,524, also with a reduction of RM5,364, corresponding to a drop of 3.75% for this variant. The 2.0L Premium Highway Star with two-tone package is reduced by the same amount of RM5,364, equating to a 3.70% price drop for the top Serena S-Hybrid variant.

The SST-exempted pricing for the X-Trail SUV range starts from RM128,630 for the 2.0L 2WD variant, ranging up to the 2.0L Hybrid X-Tremer at RM164,451; see the full table above for pricing details. Rounding up the passenger vehicle range is the all-electric Nissan Leaf, which gets its original RM188,888 price reduced by RM7,625 or 4.0% to RM181,263.

Pick-up trucks are classified as commercial vehicles in Malaysia and therefore the Nissan Navara range is not eligible for the passenger car SST exemption, and retains the full 10% SST rate as a result.

Prices for the Navara pick-up truck line are otherwise unchanged. The base 2.5L SE MT is priced at RM98,888, the 2.5L SE AT Black Series is priced at RM113,888, the 2.5L V AT Black Series is priced at RM123,388, the 2.5L VL AT Black Series is priced at RM128,888, and the top VL Plus AT Black Series is priced at RM134,888.

Reductions for the Navara comes in the form of rebates, which Tan Chong is also offering on selected variants throughout its line-up. Here, the Navara 2.5L SE AT starts at RM91,888 after a RM12,000 rebate, while the 2.5L V AT gets a RM16,000 rebate for a price of RM99,888. Meanwhile, the 2.5L VL AT and 2.5L VL Plus AT each get an RM18,000 rebate for prices of RM105,888 and RM111,888, respectively.

Elsewhere and in addition to the revisions from the SST exemption, the 1.5L E AT and 1.5L VL AT variants of the Almera get a RM6,000 rebate, while the Serena S-Hybrid 2.0L Highway Star gets a RM7,000 rebate. The X-Trail 2.0L 2WD and 2.0L Mid get RM7,000 rebates whereas the 2.5L 4WD and 2.0L Hybrid get RM4,000 and RM13,000 rebates, respectively.