There are parts and systems aplenty that go into a car’s safety measures for the benefit of its drivers, occupants as well as the road users around them, and these systems can sometimes be tricky to visualise from text. Here, Perodua has released this animation video to help illustrate the safety features in its vehicles.

Titled ‘Reach Safely with Perodua’, the video begins with a Perodua Alza that is depicted with its Isofix child seat anchors on the outside pair of seats in the second row, enabling the proper and secure installation of child seats for smaller occupants.

Next, the seven-seater is followed by the appearance of an Axia Style. The A-segment hatch in its vibrant Sunrise Orange exterior paint tackles a twisty stretch of road, while the car’s vehicle stability control (VSC) keeps the drive free of drama.

The Axia shares a stretch of road with a Bezza coming in the opposite direction, inadvertently splashing water on the Bezza’s windscreen. The Bezza driver clears his screen and sees the looming hazard just in time to take evasive action, and manages to do so successfully with the help of ABS and EBD.

The next animated demonstration is decidedly less pulse-raising, but no less handy; Perodua’s SUV entry, the Aruz is seen here to set off from a standstill on an incline without rolling backwards, thanks to the hill start assist (HSA).

Rounding up the animated demonstrations here is the Myvi 1.5 AV which showcases its autonomous emergency braking (AEB), put into action when a boy has run out on to the road in front of the Myvi to retrieve a ball, right after the driver had momentarily taken his eyes off the road ahead.

The automaker’s Advanced Safety Assist (ASA) 2.0 suite of features is standard on 1.5 litre Myvis, and is optional on the Myvi 1.3 X. Even the Bezza and Axia get ASA 2.0, too.

The effort made by Perodua to put as many of its safety features into as many model variants as possible is laudable, especially given the vast popularity of its products. That said, not all Perodua models are made equal from a safety equipment standpoint, and we have identified the five variants you should look past, and where to aim your hard-earned money instead.