Tesla will officially launch in India in 2021, according to the country’s transport minister Nitin Gadkari in a report by The Indian Express. This was also confirmed via Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Twitter recently.

No definitive date for the market entry has been announced for now but Gadkari did say that Tesla will “start operations” in early 2021, although it won’t be in January based on Musk’s reply to a question posted to him on the social media site.

Gadkari added that Tesla will initially start with sales, and based on buyers’ response to the cars, will only then consider local assembly and manufacturing. Another report by The Economic Times suggests that the Model 3 will be the first model to be made available in India, priced around 5.5 million Indian rupees (RM302,148).

India has been making a big push for electric vehicles to beat its pollution issue and reduce its dependance on oil imports, with the government previously announcing incentives worth USD4.6 billion to attract companies to set up battery manufacturing facilities.