Jaguar E-type electric by Electrogenic: 408 PS, 600 Nm

Jaguar E-type electric by Electrogenic: 408 PS, 600 Nm

If there’s another good thing to come from electrification besides zero emissions motoring, it’s the possibility of bringing classic gems back to life. UK-based classic car electrification firm Electrogenic is doing exactly that, and today it announced the fully electric Jaguar E-type.

The car is based on the 1967 E-type Series 1¼ Coupe, and Electrogenic is offering customers up to three powertrain conversion packages. The most affordable option is the Tourer, offering lower-than-original kerb weight and a top speed of 160 km/h. The original gearbox is used here to retain the feel of ‘classic’ driving.

Above that is the Sprint conversion option with 470 Nm of torque. This package makes the electric E-type more powerful than factory spec, and it’s also lighter, providing optimal balance between performance, handling and comfort. It also uses the factory gearbox, though Electrogenic encourages owners to upgrade the brakes and suspension to cope with the additional torque.

The top Grand Tourer conversion package gets the company’s most modern powertrain option, with an electric motor that produces 300 kW (408 PS) and 600 Nm of torque. Like most electric cars today, it uses a single-speed transmission.

In terms of range, the Tourer and Sprint models offer approximately 241 km of range on a full charge, with one or two optional range extenders that add an additional 80 km of range, each. The top Grand Tourer option comes with a single range extender as standard, and a full charge provides just over 400 km of range.

All conversions done by Electrogenic will have the car kept in its original state, but stuff like the switches and dials will be repurposed wherever deemed appropriate. For instance, the fuel gauge will now show the battery state of charge. The company will also make no modifications to the bodywork, and the electric powertrain is designed to be bolted onto the existing engine mounts. The conversion is fully reversible.

Jaguar E-type electric by Electrogenic: 408 PS, 600 Nm

Prices for the conversion alone start from £54,000 (RM314k) for the Tourer, £62,000 (RM360k) for the Sprint and £80,000 (RM465k) for the Grand Tourer. Prices are inclusive of the donor car, which the owner must provide. The final price will depend on the customer’s desired specification, as each car is bespoke and tailored to their exact requirements.

Company director and co-founder Ian Newstead said: “As with every classic that we convert to run on electric power, the E-type presented its own unique challenges – the main on being the weight of expectation. The E-type’s reputation is well-known in the industry, and living up to that is never going to be easy – but this is a wonderfully engaging car to drive.”

“Our first E-type conversion will be on the stand at the London Classic Car Show and we can’t wait to show it off to the world,” he added. The classic car show runs from June 25 to 27, and it will be displayed alongside a Citroen DS, a Series Two Land Rover, a Karmann Ghia and a Porsche 356 which have all been converted by Electrogenic. So, have you got a classic car in need of some conversion?

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  • Jeremy on Jun 24, 2021 at 4:23 pm

    Rather than see classics such as these turn into a frankenlectricar all just to meet future road emission laws, I’d rather keep them pristine with their original engines and put them on display and the occasional trackday runs.

    If owners prefer not to cherish classics as they are, they could get limited new built E-types ( and convert them.

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