Honda Malaysia to launch more new models in 2021 – is the new Civic and City Hatchback coming soon?

Honda Malaysia to launch more new models in 2021 – is the new Civic and City Hatchback coming soon?

In its announcement earlier today where it said it had resumed all business operations in the country, Honda Malaysia (HMSB) also alluded to plans of introducing new models before the year is out, as part of its plans to ramp up activity in the final four months of the year.

However, that statement, made by HMSB MD and CEO Madoka Chujo, didn’t indicate anything specific beyond the intention and that it would happen sometime this year.

“In our plans to regain the momentum and set a new benchmark in the market, Honda Malaysia has lined up new models that feature Honda’s Next Generation Advanced Technology to be launched in the coming months. These launches will provide Malaysians with more new model options during the current sales tax exemption period, which has been extended to December 31,” she said.

The mention of models implies that there’s more than one earmarked for entry into the market, and one of the likely models would of course be the new Civic. The car’s expected arrival this year was teased by the company back in April, when HMSB president and COO Sarly Adle Sarkum hinted in an interview that Malaysians could get their first glimpse of the car this year.

Honda Malaysia to launch more new models in 2021 – is the new Civic and City Hatchback coming soon?

Despite the sometimes patchy lead times of its product introductions in recent years, we do know that the intention has been to get the Civic in not too long after its other regional debuts (it was launched in Thailand last month), but the pandemic and resulting extended lockdown will inevitably have delayed timelines. A preview, when it comes, will provide a clearer picture as to when the car actually makes it to the tape this year.

The other probable model is likely to the City Hatchback, which we know for a fact is due for this market as the replacement for the Jazz. It had already been established a good while back that the fourth-gen Jazz wouldn’t be heading our way, and its place would be taken up by the shortened form of the City sedan.

The question is if it will make it into showrooms this year – from what we gather, it’s touch and go with regards to a market launch, but again, pointers to this will come from the usual preview. What isn’t on the cards this year is the new HR-V, with the third-gen only due here in 2022. Oh, and as for the mention of Next Generation Advanced Technology items, these should be Sensing and the company’s i-MMD hybrid system.

GALLERY: Honda Civic, Thailand market version.

GALLERY: Honda City Hatchback 1.0T

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  • M.Zin on Sep 03, 2021 at 7:09 pm

    GG to Jazz lovers. Were stuck with Asean craps.

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  • mnazri on Sep 03, 2021 at 10:02 pm

    How about new HRV? end of 2022?

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    • Vader on Sep 03, 2021 at 11:25 pm

      Honda-san is starting to turn into TanChong-san who is still unrepentant in pushing old models onto our market and very late to introduce new models.

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  • New Civic? New City HB? New HRV? All not my choice!

    Mazda is offering better cars.

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