Energizer Malaysia, the local distributor for Armor All products, has officially launched a new range of automotive care solutions in the country. The range includes the Speed Shine Wash and Wax, Waterless Wash and Wax, Glass Cleaner, as well as leather cleaners and conditioners in the form of Flow Wipes and Care Gel.

These products are already available in most major retail outlets across the country such as Tesco and Ace Hardware. Company business director Diane Lee also revealed plans to put these products on the shelves of its larger distribution network (comprised of over 35,000 vendors), though the time frame for this wasn’t specified during the launch.

Unfortunately, car care enthusiasts looking for the latest “ceramic-infused” Armor All Extreme Shield products will have to wait until a later date. The company did, however, say it will expand the Armor All product range in Malaysia in the next six to nine months.

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“At Energizer, we understand our customers’ needs, including the changing needs of car owners during this pandemic, thus turning this change into an opportunity to enter the auto care segment in Malaysia,” Lee said.

“The quality of all Armor All formulations enables us to offer effective car care products that make cars look the best they can at a value-for-money price. With products like the all-in-one and one-step application range, it is easy to achieve professional results at home,” she added.

Energizer Holdings has also appointed Jenson Button as Armor All’s first ever global brand ambassador, and it has teamed up with Red Bull Racing as a sponsor. Now, you might want to read our take on cheap versus expensive car washes, in case you decide to do some DIY cleaning on the weekends.