It has been revealed that BMW will be dropping the touchscreen functionality for some of its models as a result of the semiconductor shortage. According to Bimmerfest, the decision to remove this specific function will allow the automaker to maintain production levels through the end of the year, and it has already been implemented.

The affected models are the G20 3 Series, G22 4 Series Coupe, G23 4 Series Convertible, G24 4 Series Gran Coupe, G29 Z4, and all variants of the G05 X5, G06 X6 and G07 X7. At the showrooms, these vehicles will have the Option Code 6UY “Deletion of Touchscreen” stated on the Monroney labels, and a credit of US$500 (RM2,077) will be applied.

In addition to that, vehicles with Option Code 6UY that are also specced with Parking Assistant Package (5DN/ZPK) will lose Backup Assistant as well. These vehicles will have Option Code ZUY on the Monroney to indicate “Deletion of Backup Assistant.”

The affected vehicles have already begun shipping from Plant Spartanburg (for US and overseas market), and they will require a software update prior to retail and customer delivery. The software update will be available as of November 11, 2021.

Meanwhile, Malaysian models remain unaffected by this issue. BMW Group Malaysia head of corporate communications, Sashi Ambi said: “This does not affect the models in Malaysia. Our vehicles are already allocated for this year and at least the first quarter of next year, so we aren’t affected by this shortage.”