Geely to launch 5 EV models with battery swapping tech by 2023 – full battery charge in under 1 minute!

The Smart Geely 2025 strategy presented by Geely Auto Group outlined several initiatives aimed at increasing the automaker’s sales, and among them is the plan to have 5,000 battery swapping stations deployed across 100 cities by 2025, the company said in a statement.

At present, the Geely Technology Group has already established approximately 100 battery-swapping stations across China, and these can swap batteries from vehicles in just 59 seconds with the use of automated technologies which allow for safe operation, says Geely. With this system, the driver of the electric vehicle simply drives into the station for the swap, and leaves the station without having to exit their vehicle.

Geely unveiled the E-Energee battery swapping service in September at the 2021 Wuzhen Internet Conference. The first E-Energee battery swapping station went online in China in September 2020, and the service has expanded to reach 10 provinces in China since then.

Geely to launch 5 EV models with battery swapping tech by 2023 – full battery charge in under 1 minute!

The battery swap service will be rolled out more rapidly in the coming months, says Geely, as more battery swap-capable EVs become available on the market, the automaker said. Ride-hailing service CaoCao Mobility is among those using the battery swap service in key cities across China, which Geely says proves the maturity of the technology.

Geely’s first vehicle to demonstrate the battery swapping technology was with the Maple 80V, which is a fully electric version of the Jiaji people-mover. At this early stage, battery swaps were said to take around 90 seconds to complete.

Battery swapping will be for selected vehicle platforms in the Geely product line, and currently will not include models built on the SEA (Sustainable Experience Arhcitecture) platform as they have been designed with integrated battery technology with the aim of producing the lightest vehicle architecture possible.

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