Hyundai has announced a series of updates for the Ioniq 5 for the 2023 model year in Europe, with the biggest change being a larger battery. Available from the second half of 2022 will be a 77.4 kWh battery, which is already available in the United States and is an improvement over the previous 72.6 kWh unit.

This increase comes courtesy of two additional battery modules in the pack, and the larger battery will join the existing 58 kWh option that is available in the region. Hyundai did not provide a range figure for the new battery, but the outgoing 72.6 kWh unit with rear-wheel drive offered a maximum of 481 km following the WLTP cycle.

Another feature being introduced is a battery conditioning system that enables the electric vehicle (EV) to automatically adapt its battery temperature while travelling to ensure optimal charging conditions when reaching the charging point. The system improves real-life charging performance in cold ambient conditions and is activated automatically when a charging point is entered into the vehicle’s navigation system using connected routing.

Hyundai also says the Ioniq 5 will come with Smart Frequency Dampers (SFP) that “improve the response of front and rear axle suspensions to increase ride comfort”. Like Mercedes-Benz’s “Agility Control” dampers, they are regulated automatically instead of being able to be adjusted by the driver.

Customers can also order the EV with Digital Side Mirrors (DSM), which are already offered in South Korea and are as they sound: cameras in place of the traditional side mirrors. The cameras are linked to displays mounted on the door cards and are said to reduce air resistance, while providing a clearer view, even in bad weather.

There’s also a Digital Centre Mirror (DCM) option, where a camera is installed below the rear spoiler and sends a video feed to a screen integrated into cabin rearview mirror for an unobstructed, panoramic rear-facing view of the car. Styling updates are minor and include a new combination option: unpainted black bumpers with black trim that can be ordered with projection LED lighting.