All-new Perodua Bezza sedan based on 2023 Axia

While Perodua has categorically denied that it will introduce an all-new Bezza this year, undoubtedly many are curious as to how a second-generation version of the hugely popular sedan model will look like, especially now that we’ve seen the 2023 Axia. Well, here’s Theophilus Chin‘s take on an Axia-based new Bezza sedan.

Adding a boot to the D74A Axia does produce a sedan with an awkward profile – the short and high bonnet necessitating an equally stubby and tall rear end. But then again, the current Bezza doesn’t have the prettiest silhouette either now, does it? At the very least, I can say that the taillight treatment as depicted here looks rather attractive.

All-new Perodua Bezza sedan based on 2023 Axia

The front end is left largely untouched here, matching the Axia hatchback. Chin, however, did decide to give the front grille a slightly different insert to match the Alza MPV. It needs to be mentioned though that the actual second-generation Bezza will likely have a completely different face to the Axia, as seen on the first gen model.

With 2023 out of the question, we’re looking at next year as the earliest time possible for an all-new Bezza sedan, and even that is not confirmed yet. Rumours have it that Perodua is currently working on the Nexis D66B small SUV for 2024, which if true, would push the next-gen Bezza way back to 2025 on P2’s one-FMC-per-year launch cycle.

Whatever the case, what do you think of these Axia-based Bezza sedan renders? Comment below!