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  • Limited edition 194hp Toyota Hilux in the UK

    Toyota has launched a limited 500 unit run of the UK market Toyota Hilux Invincible. The special edition features a unique look and a more powerful engine. The Hilux’s 3.0 litre D4-D common rail turbodiesel […]

  • Minimum sound level for US cars

    While our motoring-related laws remain relatively stagnant (road tax calculated based on engine displacement in this age of engine downsizing with turbocharging, for example), the US has been actively shaping its laws to suit current […]

  • First ever speed limit imposed on Autobahn!

    It’s official – the autobahn now has a speed limit! Well, just one 60km stretch of it anyway. A 60km stretch of the legendary unrestricted German motorway that goes through the northern city of Bremen […]

  • DRB-HICOM evaluating Tata franchise

    DRB-HICOM is currently evaluating whether or not to keep the Tata franchise in Malaysia, according to DRB-HICOM group managing director Datuk Mohd Khamil Jamil. Options currently are the logical three – A) keep as is, […]

  • Toyota power window recall in the US

    Toyota and General Motors will be recalling over 662,000 vehicles sold in the US due to defective power windows. The affected vehicles are the 2003-2004 production year Toyota Corolla, Toyota Matrix and GM’s Pontiac Vibe […]

  • Rear seatbelt usage to go into effect Q3 2008?

    It looks like rear safety belts will become compulsory from Q3 2008 onwards, if the Road Safety Department’s plans go through successfully. Old cars produced before 1995 are expected to be exempted from the rule […]


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