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Women drivers. Whatever certain MPs think of them, they’re not only here to stay, but a growing figure. With that in mind, Goodyear together with Automobile Association of Malaysia (AAM) launched their first women-centric programme called “Women with Drive” in Bangsar this morning.

Women with Drive is a free community service workshop for the ladies, conducted by Goodyear Autocare experts to educate female motorists on vehicle maintenance and on road safety. The programme also wants to empower women with the confidence and knowledge of basic auto care.

Next month, the programme will kick off with its first “Survival Training”, to be held every three months with the objective of sharing tips and precautions, unfolding myths about auto care and teaching defensive driving. In these workshops, women will get hands on in learning how to check their car’s engine, fluids, electrics, belts and tyres.

Click to enlarge. L-R Azrina Jane, Sasha Rowena, Sarimah, Xandria and Bernie Chan

“This is a fantastic opportunity for women to build their confidence and become savvier on the road. Women play a very important role in decision-making both at work and at home. Therefore, it is essential for them to understand the mechanics of their vehicles and choose what is best for them based on their different needs to avoid being cheated if unfamiliar,” explained Ivy Peng, Goodyear Sales Director.

“This is the first time we are running this programme in Malaysia and we urge all female motorists to hop on the bandwagon as it will be a fun, educational and informative experience,” Ivy urged.

Lending their support at this morning’s launch were local female celebrities including Sarimah Ibrahim, Bernie Chan, Xandria Ooi, Sasha Rowena and Team Goodyear’s female drifter, Azrina Jane Abdullah. Stay tuned for updates on the activities and programmes under Women with Drive, a campaign we believe is worth supporting. For the ladies!