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  • BMW Art Car Tour – Sep 14 to Oct 22 2006

    The BMW Group will be exhibiting it’s 4 BMW Art Cars in Asia, and the BMW Art Car Tour‘s first stop will be Malaysia. The BMW Art Car Collection was conceived by French race car […]


  • 2007 Alpina D3 based on BMW 320d

    Tuner Alpina takes a BMW 320d and tunes it up to achieve a power to litre ratio of 100hp per litre, a 0 to 100km/h acceleration time of 7.4 seconds, 410Nm of torque, a top […]


  • Brunch @ BMW Photo Gallery and Experience

    BMW had their Brunch at BMW session over the weekend, with Saturday as a private affair for selected people and Sunday as an event open to the public. They also had test drives for the […]


  • E92 BMW M3 Possible Specifications

    I am eagerly awaiting the new E92-based BMW M3 to be released to see what fantastic new engine BMW will be putting under the hood. New BMW engines seem to naturally be award winners lately […]


  • BMW 335i has 350hp instead of 302hp?

    Jason Cammisa of Automobile Magazine decides to verify BMW’s 302 horsepower and 400Nm of torque claims on the BMW 335i specification sheets. The results did not disappoint, instead strangely the BMW 335i that Cammisa put […]


  • BMW unveils 2nd gen MINI Cooper

    When the new MINI Cooper by BMW was released, we had to refer to the old school model as the old MINI or old school MINI, and the new MINI Cooper as the new MINI […]


  • BMW 335d: 3-Series gets twin turbodiesel power

    BMW adds two 335 badges to it’s new E90/91/92 BMW 3-series arsenal in the form of the BMW 335i (read test drive report) and the BMW 335d. The twin-turbocharged diesel-powered BMW 335d joins it’s 197hp […]


  • New 2007 BMW X5 (E70)

    This is BMW‘s new X5, the second in it’s generation since it’s release back in 1999. Like it’s predecessor, BMW calls the new E70 a Sports Activity Vehicle or SAV rather than an SUV, as […]


  • BMW and Audi ad tussle

    It all started when BMW decided to congratulate Audi when their Audi A3 won the South African Car of the Year 2006 back in May this year. As you can see from the ad image […]



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