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  • MINI Dragster – The World’s Fastest MINI

    This is the world’s fastest MINI Cooper, a machine built by MINI USA and Fireball Tim Drag Racing. It isn’t just a wild claim though, it actually holds the actual official title for “World’s fastest […]


  • 2006 Hartge H50 V10 based on the BMW E90

    While BMW toils to prepare it’s new 4.0 litre V8 engine for the new BMW M3, Hartge has injected some well needed horsepower into the new BMW E90 3-series. Feeling that the top of the […]


  • The end of the BMW E-code

    When you’re at a table with a few car enthusiasts, you’d hear them flinging around words like W211, E36, GC8, E90, EK, EG, SV4, H22A and 4G93 as if it were some alien language code. […]


  • New BMW X6 computer rendering

    Here’s the latest computer graphic imagery of the BMW X6. Can see that it’s gained a “Bangle butt”, a common design characteristic of all the new Chris Bangle designed BMWs. The BMW X6 is supposed […]


  • 2006 Nissan Bluebird Sylphy

    UPDATE: The Nissan Sylphy has been launched in Malaysia! Two model variants are available, both with 2.0L engines. Click to read more and find out details and pricing. Nissan has launched it’s Nissan Bluebird Sylphy […]


  • BMW TurboSteamer

    BMW’s Group Research and Engineering division has come up with something new to squeeze out every ounce of performance from a combustion engine. Let’s have a look at BMW’s Turbosteamer.


  • A timeless beauty.

    It’s 5:25am, and because of a teh tarik session that went on till the wee hours of the morning, combined with the effects of caffeine, I am unable to sleep. I think I’ll just put […]


  • BMW M6 with 5.0 liter V10

    BMW launched the M version of the 6-series in the UK – the BMW M6, powered by the same venerable 5 litre V10 engine found in the ultimate luxury sports sedan – the BMW M5. […]


  • BMW cheap shots at Audi

    BMW UK seems very sure of themselves. Marketing director of BMW UK Uwe Ellinghaus noted that Audi customers are of a similiar age to BMW owners. But he said that if the original is available, […]


  • BMW 335i to get twin turbocharged inline-6

    BMW’s 3.0 litre Twin-Turbodiesel won the 2.5 to 3.0 litre category in the International Engine of the Year awards. With this new-found expertise on how to mate an engine with a turbocharger, they are going […]



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