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  • Kia Rio 1.4 Test Drive Report

    In Malaysia, we get the Kia Rio5 5-door hatchback as the Kia Rio, offered as a CBU unit from Korea. Powered by a 1.4 litre engine, the proposition that the car offers you seems to […]


  • Kia KND-4 Concept SUV

    This is Kia’s new KND-4 Concept SUV which was unveiled today at the Seoul International Motor Show in South Korea. Although just a concept at the moment, this could give us an insight as to […]


  • Kia Concept i Self-Build: iKIA for cars?

    Them Koreans sure have a sense of humour. Kia’s April fool’s prank was the Kia Concept i kit car, or i’KIA, an obvious parody of Swedish furniture company Ikea, which built it’s brand on the […]


  • Kia cee’d xR

    Here are spy photos taken of the upcoming sporty performance hot hatch variant of the 5-door Kia cee’d hatchback. The badge on the grille indicates it will be called the Kia cee’d xR, and it […]


  • Seoul Motor Show, not Seoul Model Show!

    How many of you go to motorshows not for the cars, but for the scantically clad ladies standing around the cars? I know that sometimes the intention can be split 50:50 between the two. If […]


  • Kia’s Project Snowflake

    Kia’s attack of new and upcoming models on the European market continues with Project Snowflake, which will be a sports car similiar to the likes of the Audi TT. Now, the codename Snowflake sounds very […]


  • Kia Rio Hybrid introduced at Geneva 2007

    Proton is not the only one with a sedan modified to go the hybrid way – the Koreans have their Kia Rio Hybrid for display at he 77th Salon de lAutomobiles in Geneva as well. […]


  • 2007 Kia cee’d Wagon

    The second production variant of Kia’s new cee’d range for the European market will be launched at Geneva 2007 on the 6th March 2007. The 4.5 meter long wagon has a long wheelbase, helping with […]


  • Kia to produce 2009 Kia Soul crossover

    Kia says it will introduce a production version of the Kia Soul crossover concept vehicle in 2008 as a 2009 year model. The Kia Soul crossover concept was first presented to the public last year […]



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