Kia’s attack of new and upcoming models on the European market continues with Project Snowflake, which will be a sports car similiar to the likes of the Audi TT. Now, the codename Snowflake sounds very similiar to Raindrop, the original codename for the first generation Audi TT when it was still in development. A snowflake is quite similiar to a raindrop, both are small amounts of H2O falling from the sky, except a snowflake is much much more cooler than a raindrop, litreally. I suppose this is what Kia intended it to be interpreted, heh! Shown above is Kia’s previous Kia KCV III Concept.

Kia’s Snowflake is rumoured to come in both front wheel drive and all wheel drive variants, and will be equipped with a powerful 2.0 litre 4-cylinder turbocharged engine, a formula that has worked so well with the likes of the Golf GTI and Lancer Evolution. This new engine will give Kia it’s much needed performance engine to give it a hot hatch in the European market. The engines in the Tiburon are weak, to be generous.