• Toyota to go 100% Hybrid

    Toyota is going the hybrid path after it’s hybrid models especially the Toyota Prius have shown tremendous success. Toyota Prius


  • Proton Edar and EON merger?

    An unnamed industry source says that Proton may buy up DRB-Hicom’s 29.3% stake in car distributor Edaran Otomobil Nasional Bhd (EON). The source said Proton may start with buying up DRB-Hicom shares, then proceed to […]


  • BYD Auto F3

    It’s amazing what mainland China can come up with these days. Have a look at this sedan – the BYD Auto F3. It’s a B-class sedan weighing about 1200kg.


  • Proton Waja EuroNCAP Crash Test

    Here’s the video of the Proton Waja EuroNCAP Crash test. I remember seeing this on Top Gear once, where Jeremy Clarkson was showing the difference between a Ford Fiesta, Proton Impian (Waja) and a Toyota […]


  • AP freeze for Wald lifted

    The Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) has sent a letter to the Road Transport Department (RTD) to inform them that Wald-tuned vehicles are now allowed to be registered again. The freeze on the […]


  • Nissan GT-R PROTO art

    Nissan has been using the Tokyo Motor Show to gives us previews on the next legendary GT-R Skyline. In 2001, they unveiled the GT-R Concept, based on the Infiniti G35 which later became the Nissan […]


  • Jiangling Landwind X6 Crash Test by TUV

    This is TUV’s crash test video of the Jiangling Landwind X6. Bear in mind this is after Jiangling had made some adjustments to the SUV, and this test was conducted at a lower speed of […]


  • Scion xR

    We’re already getting a sniff from what could come up from Toyota’s stake purchase in Subaru after GM let it go.



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