• BMW M3 testing at the Nurburgring track

    Here is a Best Motoring video with a spy footage of the upcoming E92 series BMW M3‘s testing laps on the Nurburgring. What a lovely V8 sound. M3 fans will have to the new aural […]


  • Spyker wants to buy Lotus

    Dutch car manufacturer Spyker has made a bid for Lotus, reported Dutch auto magazine AutoWeek. AutoWeek’s unnamed sources claims the Dutch company is already in talks with Proton about the possible porchase. Spyker’s owner however, […]


  • Cerberus hires Bernhard to analyze Chrysler bid

    Other than the obvious buyout by another car company – General Motors, two non-automotive companies have been interested in Chrysler – the Blackstone Group and Cerberus. Investment firm Blackstone is currently already in the auto […]


  • Kia’s Project Snowflake

    Kia’s attack of new and upcoming models on the European market continues with Project Snowflake, which will be a sports car similiar to the likes of the Audi TT. Now, the codename Snowflake sounds very […]


  • Mazda3 1.6 for RM99,500

    Great news for those who are looking to buy a new car and have a budget of less than RM100,000. The Mazda3 1.6 litre is now available for RM99,500 while stocks last. This is for […]


  • 50 Posts to Independence No.24

    Having been tagged by the country’s number one cyber-patriot, the ever-entertaining but often-misunderstood Daft Oi to post up entry No.24 in Nizam Bashir’s 50 Posts to Independence project, I have decided to allow Shannon Teoh, […]


  • Siemens Electronic Wedge Brake (EWB)

    So you’ve got the drum brake, then the disc brake, then the disc brake with multiple calipers. Then you improve that further with slots, cross-drill holes and make the whole disc ventilated. Even brake by […]


  • BMW CEO confirms BMW X6 name

    BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer has confirmed that it’s upcoming sporty crossover SUV model that has already been spotted going around on tests everywhere will indeed be called the BMW X6. Spyshots have shown a heavily […]


  • Aston Martin Rapide 4-door Coupe

    In my updates on the Porsche Panamera, I will usually mention two competitors, the CLS and the Aston Martin Rapide. But then I realise I haven’t actually posted anything about the Rapide have I? Basically, […]


  • Turbodiesel Bentleys soon?

    Bentley is considering expanding it’s engine line-up to something more than the current petrol guzzlers, either hybrids or turbodiesels. I personally think the Volkswagen Group’s V12 TDI turbodiesel found in the Audi Q7 is perfect […]



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