• Daimler AG takes up 10% stake in Tesla Motors

    Daimler AG has taken up a 10% stake worth US$50 million in electric car maker Tesla Motors, a move that depends their already pre-existing relationship where Tesla would equip 1,000 Smart cars with their electric […]


  • 1,000 bookings for Tesla Model S sedan!

    Tesla Motors has revealed that it has garnered a total of 1,000 bookings for its second model, the Tesla Model S. Tesla calls it a 4-door electric sedan with 5+2 seating – that’s something new! […]


  • Tesla Model S electric sedan: New teaser image

    A new teaser image of Tesla’s latest product; the Model S has emerged on the Internet. We were recently teased with another image which gave us a bellow-shoulder line sneak peak. Looking at the teaser […]


  • Tesla releases teaser of Model S electric sedan

    The future of Tesla and its upcoming Tesla Model S sedan is still doubtful, but that doesn't stop us from getting excited about this new teaser image that the company have released, leading up to the official unveiling scheduled to be held on the 26th of March 2009.


  • Electric 4-seater luxury sedan from Tesla

    Tesla Motors, who sent shockwaves through the industry with the introduction of the Elise-based electric sportscar the Tesla Roadster (shown above) has announced that it will be making a new 4-seater sedan aimed at the […]



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