Tesla in 2020 – 509,737 units produced with 499,550 delivered, Shanghai production of Model Y SUV begins

Tesla in 2020 – 509,737 units produced with 499,550 delivered, Shanghai production of Model Y SUV begins

Tesla has announced that it has produced and delivered 509,737 vehicles and 499,550 vehicles in 2020, of which the 54,805 units of the Model S and Model X were produced and 57,039 units were delivered, while 454,932 units of the Model 3 and Model Y were produced and 442,511 units were delivered.

The Palo Alto, California based electric vehicle maker has also announced that production of the Model Y in Shanghai, China has commenced, and customer deliveries are ‘expected to begin shortly’, it said.

Prior to the start of its production overseas, the brand’s second SUV model saw production commence in November with initial deliveries following the month after. This shares about 75% of its components with the Model 3, with which it also shares its platform, and commonalities extend to the cabin, including the 15-inch touchscreen.

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Meanwhile, the Model 3 was updated last October for the 2021 model year with exterior and interior revisions, with all variants receiving a boost in battery range. The Standard Range Plus (SR+) was updated to have a range of 420 km, while the Long Range (LR) and Performance variants received range increases to 564 km an 504 km, respectively.

Tesla notes in its 2020 production and deliveries figures announcement that the delivery count ‘should be viewed as slightly conservative’, as the company only counts a car as being delivered after it has been transferred to the customer and all paperwork is correct, it said, adding that final numbers could vary by 0.5% or more.

Further financial results such as net income and and cash flow will be announced with the rest of the company’s financial performance figures when its Q4 2020 earnings are announced, Tesla said. Vehicle deliveries represent just one aspect of its financial performance, Tesla noted, and that its financial results depend on a range of factors such as cost of sales, foreign exchange movements and the volume of directly leased vehicles.

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