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  • E70 BMW X5 3.0d Test Drive Review

    We have finally got our hands on the new installment of the E70 BMW X5 "Sports Activity Vehicles" for a drive on our local roads! BMW Malaysia offers three variants of the new X5 for the local market - a 3 liter petrol, a 3 liter turbodiesel and a mouth-watering 4.8 V8 petrol version.


  • Proton Waja CPS Test Drive Review

    The Proton Waja CPS 1.6 is not entirely a new model to begin with, going through a number of facelifts. It’s still pretty much the same car with a new engine and a couple of […]


  • BMW 320i Sports Test Drive Review

    BMW has recently launched the Sports series to complement the 3 Series lineup with the introduction of the 320i Sport and the 325i Sports models. According to BMW Malaysia, these Sports versions offer buyers a […]


  • Nissan Grand Livina 1.8 Automatic Review

    Seven seater multi-purpose vehicles (MPV) is a popular segment of automobiles in Malaysia, more so the sub-RM100k ones. So much so, Malaysians seem to lap up practically all of the affordable MPV models being dished […]


  • 2008 Honda Accord 2.0 VTi Test Drive Review

    Click for high resolution image Looking at the recently launched 2008 Honda Accord, it’s hard to believe that the Accord nameplate was first used on a little 2-door hatchback launched in 1976, powered by a […]


  • REVIEW: Mercedes-Benz E280 AMG Sports Package

    The Mercedes-Benz E-Class is arguably the benchmark of “making it” in life. It’s the car that your mother (or mother-in-law) hopes you’ll drive back to the kampung one day. For the longest time the E-Class […]


  • W211 Mercedes-Benz E230 Avantgarde Review

    Despite the “230” badge being one of Mercedes-Benz’s best brands, it’s taken up to nearly the end of the W211’s lifecycle for Malaysia to welcome the W211 E230 onto her roads. With reports of a […]



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