Fiat ecoDrive
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This is something seriously really cool from Fiat. They’ve actually incorporated social network elements into their car ownership together with a very cool and gadgety way of teaching you how to drive your Fiat economically.

It’s called Fiat eco:Drive and it’s basically it’s a software that will allow you to record detailed information on your vehicle as well as your driving pattern’s efficiency and later analyze it in a software on your computer.

All you need to do is plug a USB storage drive into the Microsoft Blue&Me USB port and the data will be copied to the drive. After you’ve finished driving, just plug the same drive to your computer and let the eco:Drive software analyze it.

The software will let you know how fuel efficient your current driving pattern is and how you can improve it. It will also give you a score out of 100 – something Fiat is calling the eco:Index. Just follow the tips the software gives you and watch your eco:Index go up, hopefully. A user of eco:Drive is also part of the eco:Ville social network. Users will be able to interact, share tips, as well as watch how much CO2 and energy they are saving together as a whole.

The video after the jump shows so much more about the software. It’s really quite a cool piece of software and has quite nice graphics. It’s built on Adobe AIR so it works on both a PC and Mac. It currently works only on the Fiat 500 and Fiat Grande Punto but Fiat is working on making it compatible with the rest of the Fiat range as long as you have Blue&Me installed.

Watch the video after the jump.

Video: Fiat eco:Drive with Blue&Me