New Proton Satria Neo
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This rear three quarter view of the minimally taped up Proton Satria Neo was snapped by reader Keith Tay and they reveal the new design of the Satria Neo’s wheels.

The bling turbine wheels are gone now and are replaced by these new wheels which made their debut earlier on the Lotus EVE Hybrid Concept driven by the Prime Minister at the Proton Technology Week. The wheels are an alternating combination of silver V-spokes and grey Y-spokes. It seems that this same wheel design has also made its appearance on a certain model of the Satria Neo in Proton’s Thai offering.

UPDATE: Apparently those wheels are actually not a unique or new Proton design, but are in fact Advanti Racing MEDUSA wheels.

This clearer photo also seems to show that the wheel arches of the car are much more prominent than on the current Satria Neo, and they seem to have little “holes” integrated in the design much like the old M24 Satria GTi. A similiar bodykit with the large wheel arches was found on this car: Possible Satria Neo GTi?

Look after the jump for a clearer photo of the wheels snapped earlier this year at the Proton Technology Week.

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