Korean-based electronics giant Samsung has released design sketches of its eMX Concept which is set to be previewed at the upcoming Seoul Motor Show which will take place in April. Some of you might find this as a surprise but Samsung has had an automotive division since the mid-90’s, and sometime in 2000, Renault purchased 70% (now already 80%) of the division back in 2000, forming Renault-Samsung Motors.

The eMX, or also known as the eco-motoring experience concept is said to preview the upcoming 2010 Samsung SM3 sedan. Engine wise, the concept is expected to feature a 2.0 litre turbocharged engine, while the outgoing Samsung SM3 which is based on the Nissan Bluebird Sylphy is powered by a normally aspirated 136HP 2.0 litre engine. Renault-Samsung Motors may even drop in a 205HP 2.0 litre turbo found in the Renault Laguna GT that is also good for 300Nm of torque.

The sketches indicate that the Samsung eMX Concept is almost production ready, with a rather good looking design, especially with the aggressive front end. I can’t wait to look at images of the actual concept! Please continue reading to view another sketch.