Honda Accord Crosstour

Honda USA has put up a teaser on their website of the new Accord Crosstour (they’re officially spelling it that way without the capital T in tour) together with a countdown timer that indicates the new crossover D-segment car will be unveiled in less than 20 days. The Accord Crosstour will likely be some kind of competitor to the Toyota Venza – the utility of an SUV combined with whatever they think they’re combining it with – just removing the all-wheel drive system is only going to be a marginal improvement and Honda’s all-wheel drive systems already run in front wheel drive most of the time in the first place. These new crossovers are a plot to push hatchbacks to the traditionally hatchback-hating American customers. More details to be unveiled in under 20 days, but in the meantime visit our previous posts for some spyshots of the Crosstour.

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