Bufori is a company based in Malaysia and so far they’ve been making hand crafted cars inspired by old classic 1930s designs, kinda like what Mitsuoka, except Mitsuoka modifies Nissan cars. They were founded in 1986 and was initially based in Australia but they relocated to Malaysia in the mid 90s.

This is Bufori’s latest project, the Bufori CS, which stands for Compact Sports. It’s very different from the regular 1930s cars that you get. It’s meant to be a sports 2 door coupe, powered by a 2.0 litre turbocharged inline-4 engine at the front. I’m very curious where this engine is sourced from and I believe I will get more answers on the technical details of the car at a test session that I’m going to at 3pm later today.

The Bufori CS is built on a space frame chassis wrapped with a monocoque body made of reinforced Carbon Fiber and Kevlar. The suspension design uses unequal upper and lower arm for the front and rear and fully adjustable coil-over shocks. It will be launched in the first half of 2010 and more details will be unveiled before the end of 2009.


But here’s the most interesting part – a race version of the Bufori CS will be entered in the 56th Macau Grand Prix this month. The race car is called the Bufori BMS R1 and will be entered by the new BMS AXLE RACING team, a JV between Bufori Motorsports and Axle Motorsport. Axle is a familiar name – Alex Yoong is the man behind it. The race car was developed in under 10 weeks and complies with FIA GT3 specs.