This second-generation Volkswagen Touareg was spotted at a petrol station along Jalan Gasing in PJ. As the number plate has the square block letters/numbers typical of Volkswagen Group Malaysia cars and the holder has the “Volkswagen Das Auto” mark on it, this car has to be from the official source. A call to VGM confirmed that it is indeed their car and that Touareg sales will start next year.

There’s plenty of good news. The new Touareg will be priced the same as the outgoing model at RM437,283 OTR without insurance, but the equipment list will be much more comprehensive. We will get Volkswagen’s Area View system, which provides a 360 degree top view of the car’s surroundings, courtesy of cameras in the front, rear and at each wing mirror. The feed is then “stiched” together to aid parking and driving in tight situations. There will also be navigation and an electric tailgate, among other kit.

We will get a single variant, which is the 3.6-litre FSI V6, although VGM has plans to bring in the Touareg Hybrid at a later date. This 280 PS/360 Nm engine will be paired to an 8-speed torque converter automatic ‘box with paddle shifters. Kerb weight is 2103 kg, and spec for spec, this new model is 200 kg lighter than the old car, despite not using the latter’s plastic fenders and aluminium bonnet. 0-100 km/h is done in 7.8 seconds on to a 228 km/h top speed so this is a fast SUV.

We’ve managed to secure a test unit, so watch out for the test drive report.