Ford Thailand have released some details on the new Ford Ranger at their website. The Ranger is offered in Thailand as a Single Cab workhorse, a Double Cab (we usually have this in Malaysia) as well as an Open Cab which is like a Single Cab with some extra storage behind the seats.

I believe this is the first photo of the new Ranger’s interior space – before this it was just pictures of the exterior as well as the dashboard design. Ford claims the Double Cab offers class-leading legroom – it looks big in these photos, but we can’t see the angle of the rear backrest in this photo. Danny is at the Bangkok Motor Show this week so he’ll be able to tell us more about the new Ranger’s rear legroom.

The Ranger has not been launched in Thailand yet. The website says it will only be available by late 2011, so you can probably expect a similar launch date for Malaysia as well. Finalised specs for Thailand is not available yet either, but the site does boast about features like ESP, Bluetooth and Voice Control which are available on passenger cars like the Fiesta.

Look after the jump for the rest of the images extracted from Ford Thailand’s website.

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