Infiniti is still keeping to teasing its advanced sports car concept that’s set to debut at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. The first two partials of the car in November have now been joined by another, and behind-the-scenes info videos have also come about.

The company says the as-yet-unnamed concept will be the first Infiniti to have a range-extender drivetrain, and willl also be the first to feature a midship mounted drivetrain for optimal weight distribution and handling.

Going the midship route means facilitating a change in vocabulary for the company’s design language, from a style and content point of view. The purpose of the Geneva concept then is to explore what might be the next stage in how to deliver a vivid, engaging and sophisticated driving experience from an electrically-propelled vehicle – Infiniti believes the midship mechanical layout could very well be a vital ingredient in making that magic happen.