Peugeot unveiled the car above – the Peugeot 308 Sedan – at the 2011 Chengdu Motor Show in mid-September last year, a new three-box vehicle based on the C-segment 308 platform. But wait – isn’t the 408 essentially a 308 sedan? Well, not exactly. The 308 Sedan is an entirely different model.

It looks like Peugeot has created two different sedan products from the 308 platform – a smaller sedan called the 308 Sedan and a larger car called the 408. The 308 sedan stretches the 308’s 2,608mm wheelbase by a wee bit to 2,612mm, while the 408 takes it further to 2,710mm – one of the longest wheelbases in the C-segment.

308 308 Sedan 408 508
Wheelbase 2,608mm 2,612mm 2,710mm 2,815mm
Length 4,276mm 4,558mm 4,680mm 4,826mm
Width 1,815mm 1,805mm 1,815mm 1,855mm
Height 1,498mm 1,505mm 1,525mm 1,465mm
Bootspace 430L 565L 562L 475L

Nasim’s locally-assembled Project T73 is the Peugeot 408, not the smaller Peugeot 308 Sedan, which is good news for us since the car will end up having greater interior space. The 408 also looks like a proper sedan because of its longer wheelbase and redesigned roofline, while the 308 Sedan has a bit of that “hatch with boot” effect to its looks because it is shorter. The 308 Sedan also has a unique interior that is different from the 308 and the 408 – for example, the round air-conditioning vents have been replaced by squarish ones, and the dash is also shaped quite differently in general although there are some similarities.

However, it could also mean that the 408 sedan might end up being more expensive than the 308 hatchback, since Peugeot considers it a separate model, which might not be what people expect, given that our consumers are used to hatchback models being more expensive. This is just an educated guess on our part, of course, as no prices for the 408 have been announced yet.