If you still need a reason to get yourself over to the Proton Power of 1 ‘mega exhibition’, then kindly spare a moment and take a long look at the picture above. Yes, it’s a Lotus and chances are, you’ve probably seen it before.

Truth be told, if it wasn’t for Proton buying the Hethel-based company, we won’t get to see these amazing cars on public display as often as we like. Probably. It will be one of those brilliant cars that we can only read about instead of touching its sheet metal. In a sense, no matter what you think of our national car manufacturer, it has brought Lotus to the masses.

However, that soon might change. DRB-Hicom has cast a huge shadow of uncertainly over Lotus. So, this might be one of the last chances you get to see Lotus up close and very personal.

Of course, it is not only Lotus cars that are on display. Proton has actually set up an entire area dedicated to their involvement in motorsports – R3 has set up shop here as well, literally. You can buy R3 parts for your Proton at heavily discounted prices. I took a quick look earlier and there are items that are RM1,500 cheaper than usual. Besides that, there is also team merchandise on sale.

The Satria Neo S2000 Rally Car is here as well, together with the team’s trophy cabinet. And yes, last season’s Formula 1 racer is present and accounted for. It’s a good opportunity to get a closer look and feel of these two cars at the showcase.