This is the Ghost Six Senses concept from Rolls-Royce, a bespoke ride that “encapsulates the richness of experience that comes as standard with any Rolls-Royce and takes it to a new level of sensory indulgence”. The senses are sight, taste, touch, sound and aroma. And the sixth?

“Relax for a few moments and you will experience something that is hard to define, but which our customers understand so well. It can be likened to an aura, a sense that the stunning hand-made interior embodies something of the heart and soul of each proud craftsperson involved in its creation. That’s a uniquely Rolls-Royce sixth sense that this car presents so elegantly,” explains Torsten Müller-Ötvös, Rolls-Royce CEO.

Eyes will spot the pearlescent Carrara White finish, new forged alloys, the deep lustre of Walnut Burr veneer complete with diagonally-oriented, brown oak cross-banding. Your ears will notice RR’s trademark silence of course, but there’s more here. The audio system has an upgraded amplifier and the inclusion of ‘exciter’ speakers housed in the leather headlining. This helps raise the centre of sound closer to a passenger’s ear.

The aroma greeting occupants comes from the most supple natural soft grain leather in enveloping, hand-crafted seats, as well as in the car’s leather headlining, with added hints of the woody spice in the walnut veneer, RR says. For taste, enjoy chilled drinks or vintage champagne from the Six Senses’ coolbox, in flutes featuring a sound-wave etching.

Besides the usual rich materials one can touch in a Rolls-Royce, this concept features natural grain leather for the first time. Deep pile lambswool rugs encourage occupants to submerge feet, while opening the boot reveals a further lambswool lining to cosset luxury bespoke luggage. Tantalising!

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