More contest winners. Twenty lucky folks have struck gold in Peraduan KeEMASan dengan Caltex organised by the fuel brand. Caltex gave away a total of RM280,000 in Maybank Gold Investment Accounts to the winners of the contest, held from December last year to March 31, 2012.

One of four RM40,000 worth of gold First Prize winners, Mohd Asri Abdullah from Kelantan, was represented at the ceremony by his wife Siti Nor Arashyiah. She shared that the family is still in a state of shock and had yet to decide on what to do with the winnings.

25-year old Chok Yung Hau from Port Dickson, the youngest First Prize winner, almost missed the windfall. “I am grateful to God as when the official Caltex winner notification came through, I was onboard a flight and could not answer the call. However, they kept on trying and during the third attempt, I arrived at the airport and was informed about the surprising news,” said the electrical shop owner.

Scams are everywhere these days, and a disbelieving Lee Siew Yin from Labis immediately found a lawyer to contact her neighborhood Caltex petrol station for verification, before celebrating. That’s one very careful lady!

“Peraduan KeEMASan dengan Caltex aimed to reward our customers’ invested support towards the Caltex brand and quality products with worthy prizes across our network. From the faces of our winners, we are happy to note that we hit that mark. We continue to strive towards ensuring Caltex helps customers enjoy their respective journeys,” said Jeremy Oh, Country Chairman, Chevron Malaysia Limited.

There were four First Prizes of RM40,000 each, eight Second Prizes worth RM10,000, eight Third Prizes worth RM5,000 and 1,688 Caltex StarCash cards worth RM199,184 up for grabs. Those who purchased RM40 and above in a single receipt at Caltex stations were in the running.