Deep down inside, I knew that this would happen. How can you not, especially when its name is Juke. In any case, this is the Juke Box and it resembles nothing like those you find in pubs, bars and the occasional fast food chain.

No, this Juke Box is the lovechild of Nissan and Ministry of Sound. The premise is simple – to create the world’s ultimate mobile sound system. To do this, the Ministry turned to Martin Audio; they’ve worked before hooking up the main room in MOS’ London home.

In the Juke Box’s case, the partnership has resulted in a 150 decibel, 18,900 W sound system, louder than a jumbo jet in takeoff. To do this, the car is fitted with a custom-built 19 kilowatt rig, a set of custom made cabinets and enclosures housing two 18 inch powered sub units and the same Mid Hi enclosures found at MOS. Yes, all of that fits nicely into the tiny Juke.

The mini-crossover also features an integrated radio studio that can stream and broadcast music from Ministry of Sounds’ digital radio app. This means that you only need to pop the boot to turn a car park into a dance club.

The Juke Box had its debut at Le Mans and will tour across Europe in throughout summer. You can also listen to the special ‘Nissan Juke Box Sessions’ that is being broadcasted on Ministry of Sound’s Digital Radio channel every fortnight on Mondays from 5 pm to 7 pm GMT.