CX-5 on 17in wheels. Photo credit: William Leong from Mazda CX-5 Club Malaysia

The Mazda CX-5 SUV was launched here back in May with a pleasing set of features, including the very unusual (for its size) 19-inch alloys with 255/55 rubber. That has been changed to more realistic 17-inch wheels, according to a notice by Bermaz Motor posted on their website and Facebook page.

The notice explains that customers who had placed their booking on or before July 20 will get the 19-inch rims with the original price (RM155,219 for the 2WD, RM165,219 for the AWD, OTR without insurance), but those who placed their names for the CX-5 from July 21 onwards will get the 17-inch rims, at the same price. Word from Mazda CX-5 Club Malaysia is that a RM3,000 top up is required if you still want the 19s.

This spec change may not be that bad a thing, depends on how one looks at it. While the 19s look great on the CX-5, much better than the 17s without a doubt, the smaller wheels will contribute to less unsprung weight and tyre replacement costs will be significantly lower. The latter isn’t so much of an issue with mega-buck Cayennes and X6s, but the CX-5 isn’t aimed at money-no-object customers, and 17s are also par for the course in this segment.

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