suzuki iv-4 01

Suzuki has unveiled its iV-4 compact SUV concept in Frankfurt, and the development study previews a B-segment offering that’ll take the fight to the likes of the Nissan Juke and Peugeot 2008 when it enters the marketplace in 2015. Very much geared towards the continent, the production model will be built at the company’s Magyar Suzuki plant in Hungary.

Apparently, personalisation is a big part of the vehicle’s design brief, with different exterior parts, colour and texture being specifiable. Which thus lends the ‘i’ part to its moniker – in this case, the alphabet denotes individuality. The rest of the name is pretty straightforward enough, with ‘v’ for vehicle and the number to denote its four wheel-drive nature.

suzuki iv-4 02

Exterior design elements on the taut-looking 4,215 mm-long vehicle include a clam-shell hood, a five-slot illuminated front grille, rather large fog lamps, rather tiny wing mirrors and a specially-created Brilliant Turquoise Metallic shade. Supposedly, the colour is evocative of the sky reflected in a skyscraper.

Other numbers include a 1,850 mm width and 1,665 mm overall height, with a 2,500 mm wheelbase. The iV-4 rides on five-spoke, two-tone 20-inch wheels and 235/55 series tyres. Aside from the mention of an Allgrip 4WD system being present, no other details have been ventured.