Up until now, Aston Martin has been pretty reclusive about its all-new DB11 sports car, but not anymore. Powering up the hype train before the car is revealed in Geneva, the British marque has released a teaser video of the DB11’s new heart – a 5.2 litre twin-turbo V12 engine.

That’s right, Aston Martin has followed in the path of other high-performance manufacturers by going the turbo route. In its video, we get glimpses of the engine in question, along with some lovely exhaust notes of the V12 that sounds just as throaty even with the inclusion of the turbos.

With the imminent introduction of its “V12 5.2 Twin Turbo” engine, Aston Martin is expected to bid farewell to its current naturally-aspirated V12, which displaces 5,935 cc (Aston markets it as a 6.0 litre). It also quashes rumours that the DB11 will feature Mercedes-AMG’s 4.0 litre twin-turbo V8.


The two companies are currently in a partnership, although the video doesn’t provide any additional information pertaining to the car’s platform or the level of involvement of Mercedes-AMG in its development.

However, according to Autocar UK, Aston Martin is expected to create a next-gen platform for the DB11 (current Aston Martin models use the VH platform), instead of sharing the aluminium structure from the Mercedes-AMG GT.

More details about the successor to the DB9 is expected to be released as we edge closer to the start of the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. If you’re wondering why the new model isn’t referred to as the DB10, well that moniker is reserved for the car driven by Her Majesty’s Secret Agent, 007. For now, do you like what you hear so far from Aston’s new twin-turbo V12?

GALLERY: Aston Martin DB11 spyshots