Looks beautiful doesn’t it? Of course, that’s just an artists’s impression. Meaning: Photoshop. This is what the Race Rally Research division of Proton has in store for us next. Not counting the stage upgrades for the Satria R3 of course.

The artist’s impression above came from an Australian car magazine. For the original article, click here.

They already have a Gen2 race car using a souped up 4G93P, the same 1.8 DOHC used in the Putra/SGTi/R3. I suppose this is the result of that development?

The interior will be enhanced using easy bolt-ons like the usual stuff, MOMO wheels, pedals, gear knobs, better trim, colour changes here and there. Something like how the Satria R3 was enhanced. Of course, there will be an exterior bodykit with more sporty looks and different sports rims. This will be a welcome change from the Alfa rip-offs that the Gen2 currently comes with.

The Gen2 R3 won’t be using Campro engines with cam-profiling though. It will be a souped up version of the 1.6 DOHC Campro engine without cam-profiling that’s already in the current R3s. Standard performance upgrades are going to be used to achieve this, intake, exhaust and a more aggresive camshaft profile. This supposedly brings a 13% performance improvement to 124hp (93kW) instead of the 109hp (82 kW) that the Campro makes in stock form.

Campro engines with real variable camshaft profile will be introduced later and is supposed to make more than 135hp (100kW)

Well, we’ve seen how R3 can make wonders with the Mitsubishi platform Satria. Now let’s see what it can do with a car from Proton’s own platform.

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