I was digging through my hard drive when I found these. These pictures have been circulating around the internet for quite some time already but I have no idea why I did not blog them. Anyway here are two shots of the Satria Replacement Model or codename SRM24.

Personally I don’t like the front headlamps very much. I find the way the bottom curves up in the middle a bit strange. It’s like half of the Mercedes Benz C class’s peanut headlamps at the bottom and normal headlamp design on the top. I don’t know how to explain it but you should be able to get what I mean.

Bumper design has a common theme with the Waja, Gen2, and Savvy. There seems to be diffuser-style front skirts on the bumper.

Exhaust in the middle again. Brakelights look pretty decent. However I don’t see a keyhole to open the rear tailgate to access the boot anywhere. Is it going to be operated via the remote control or only openable via a button on the dashboard somewhere?

These are better pictures compared to the other spyshots as they are undisguised, allowing you to check the fine design details without them being obscured by black tape like how Proton usually disguises their cars.

Sorry, but there’s no side profile photos at the moment though. But you can check out the disguised side profile photos in my other SRM spyshot posts below.

Rumours are going around that the launch for this car has been postponed to early 2006. It was originally planned to be launched this year.