Proton will be relaunching the Waja in Australia with a new name and look. The new name will be Proton 160GX. It’s time for a Waja facelift anyway. Estimated date for this to happen would be in September.

Will we get the new facelift Waja first or will the Aussies get it first? And will the facelift look better than the original or will Proton ahbengify it like the horrible silver Iswara LMSS? The Waja here in Malaysia has only gone through some minor facelifts, mostly additional minor trim additions around the exterior and new rims design which looks much more more better than the squarish spoke design of the original.

The new Waja might come with Campro engines instead of the Mitsubishi 4G18 used currently, which is also found in the Mitsubishi Pajero IO.

The Proton 160GX will have an estimated starting price of AUD$19,990 for the lowest spec model.


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