Volkswagen and Proton does share some similiarities. Both have been labelled as People Movers, providing affordable cars to it’s respective countries.

Proton has been unable to break that generalization, but at it’s current stage I don’t think it should. The auto policies have forced us to rely on Proton for people movers but it seems that they are more interested to become a sports sedan marque like Mazda instead.

Volkswagen also have had not much luck breaking out of the people mover image. The Volkswagen Phaeton, although being a GREAT luxury car has had problems selling because of the people mover image the Volkswagen badge has. The following goes through the mind of the person who is considering the Phaeton. “If I can buy a similiar Audi A8 from Audi, why should I settle for a Volkswagen?

Not that Volkwagen hurts much because they own Audi too.

If Volkswagen could go from basic people movers to where it is now… can Proton do the same with Volkswagen’s help? What do you guys think? If the takeover happens, will Proton change much? Can they become a respectable marque instead of thought of as some kind of cancer which the country has to bear with?